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Smart Parenting 

Use our engaging interface to measure, follow, and improve your children's mental and educational health. Get customized parenting assistance from experts speaking your language to improve your children's mental and social development.

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Introducing PARENTZ.IO

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Trained by millions of lines of psychology guidelines, our AI model analyzes your children's needs and problems in a safe environment.

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Your in-app experience is totally personalized to you and your child's needs, creating a unique experience for each user, and saving your time!

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Our services are designed to immerse you and your child in an enjoyable interaction with you AI assistant.


How Does PARENTZ.IO Work

01. Local Experts

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Based on your needs and the language you speak, we connect you to an expert who can understand your problems and needs to assist you with parenting issues, education, or children's psychology.

02. Daily Content

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You get a daily dosage of useful parenting content based on the psychological and social analysis of your children. The posts are smartly designed to be short, engaging, and customized to your needs.

03. AI Assistant

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We have developed an AI assistant that is trained on thousands of children's development and psychology resources and is overseen by educational and psychology experts. You can ask any questions related to parenting and education. 

04. Children Profiles

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You can add all your children to your panel and manage them individually without harming their privacy. Your experience will be optimized based on your interactions and children's needs.

05. Customized Content

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We help you understand the needs of your children and will educate you on taking the best courses of action for your children's upbringing. Your feed is customized based on your needs.

06. Mood Tracking

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Tracking the mood and mental state of children is a very important task in the quality of parenting exercises. With our AI-powered system, you can keep track of your children's mental states and create a deeper bond with them.

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Maximized PRIVACY

Our services are securely designed to ensure your data safety and privacy is always taken care of. 

All types of sensitive information are processed on the device, and all your communications are encrypted using the most sophisticated cloud platforms.

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Welcome. We’re MA Edtech Solutions, a dedicated team of Education and People-Centered Design enthusiasts.

We are continuously designing, developing, and engineering solutions to enhance parenting experience in the digital world.


Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at MA Edtech Solutions. Our main goal is to find smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.

We have employed state-of-the-art cloud computing platforms to keep our services as safe and as smooth as possible.

You and your children will find yourselves immersed in the intuitive experience of our product, PARENTZ.IO.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


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